Retail Serumology

What is Facial Serumology?
Facial Serum•ology is a new serum based skincare philosophy! Ten high-powered, patent-pending serum formulations are used to target and prevent specific skin ailments as an integral step within the Amber 5-Step Skincare Regimen. Facial Serum•ology allows you to customize a skincare routine for each client based on need or ailment all while working with the Classic Collection, Acne Defense or Age Defense product groups. Elevate your client's skincare regimen and deliver targeted results with Amber Serum•ology!

Powerful Ingredients!
Multiple Peptides, Marine Actives, Stem Cells, Natural Botanicals and Proprietary Complexes such as ChroNOline and MitoProtect deliver clinical level performance to your client’s everyday skincare routine. Amber serums have the smallest molecular structure possible for extremely effective absorption. Plus, each serum has a unique formulation designed to target specific skin issues so you can customize your skincare routine!

Extends Spa Treatment.
Since each serum is ailment specific, Serum•ology extends the professional treatment and revolutionizes the way you treat your client's skin. Whether it's Classic Skincare, Age Defense or Acne Defense, Serum•ology offers a tremendous retail opportunity to extend the professional treatment to your client’s daily skincare routine.